Salise & Ivan {Hacienda Cocina & Cantina, Los Cabos}

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Salise & Ivan {Hacienda Cocina & Cantina, Los Cabos}

Salise wanted sparkly, candles and a cream, champagne base with touches of blush pinks and a nod to seafoam green with very little florals.  Fortunately, Del Cabo had a beautiful glittery pink tablecloth available and they paired that with some feather chair covers and, wa-la, we had our fabulous bridal table!   I love pairing glitter tablecloths with candles because the candlelight reflects so much off the glitter (and vice-versa) and really makes everything quite magical at night.  For the dance area, we added-in a touch of blue so that we didn’t have to cover all the outdoor pillows the Hacienda has, but could bring that color into everything and tie it altogether.  I am quite pleased with how the lounge turned out and, of course, best of all everyone had a great time, which is always the goal (and always going to happen with One Happenings at the helm!).

 Location:  Hacienda Cocina & Cantina

Bride Coordination & Planning:  Leslie Bost, One Happenings

Bride Photographer:  Ana & Jerome

Florist:  Lola, Florenta

Rentals:  Del Cabo Event Design

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